Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Her Times 5K 2013

Good morning friends!

I'm here to tell you about all the fun we had this past weekend at the Her Times 5K!  This is my favorite 5K of the whole year.  My friend Heather is the race director and her vision of an all-female 5K has grown each year.  This year there were 800 + women who ran and/or walked the 3.1 miles.

I started my weekend on Friday night when I headed out to volunteer at packet pick-up 
wearing last year's race shirt.

I took a boat-load of Whey Protein Powder & B-12 Complex samples from my friends 
at 1st Step Pro-Wellness. 

I love working at packet pick-up.  I like answering questions from first-timers like "are you supposed to wear the t-shirt to the race?"  (my answer by the way is, "You can if you want to.  I like to wear something else during the race and then wear my t-shirt for the rest of the day.")

Every year at least one woman looks at me with a gleam in her eye and says, 
"I've never done anything like this before." while there are running veterans standing right beside them picking up their t-shirt for the zillionth time.  It's awesome.

So, race day morning arrived and we left the house a little later than I wanted to.

I held it together on the outside, but inside I was kind of flipping out.

Ken dropped me & the girls near the starting line and we ran over to find friends.

One of the first people I ran into was my friend Diane.  I met Diane on the first day of third grade when I was the new kid at school.  She was friendly to me that day and I've loved her ever since.  Her smile is always genuine, always welcoming.  Just one of many awesome women I'm proud to know.

Katie & Mandy found their friend Caitlin.  This girl is too cool for words.  If I know a bunch of awesome women, my daughters know a bunch of awesome girls.  

By now you're thinking, "she couldn't have been too late for the race if she had time to take pictures." You would be correct. We were fine.

We found Grandma Glo (who sported her Biggest Loser shirt so that nobody would think she's a race newbie) & Kristina (my BRF & sister-in-law)...

... and we all headed for the start.

If you need  some motivation at your next race, I highly recommend bringing your favorite guy & your favorite dog to road marshall.  I took this picture of Ken & Ruger at the turn-around just after mile 2.  I know, it's a blurry terrible picture.  I was running- you'll just have to take my word for it...that's them.

After my finish (which was not a PR, but a time I can feel pretty good about) I met up with Rachel.  She's a Kids Running Wild reader, a Wild About Yoga participant and all-aound great lady.  We met online & I'm happy to say that we've become friends in real-life as well.

This is our sweaty finish line picture.

I got to cheer for Katie & Kristina as they finished and then started looking for the rest of our crew.  I saw Grandma Glo coming in- but no Mandy...

It turns out that Mandy was gabbing, so Grandma ditched her in order to go faster.  When I heard that, I made Grandma run the last 100 yards or so. She loves me.

Then I caught this finish line picture of Mandy.

She's so completely awesome.  I think there's a whole blog post right in that picture.

Ken & Ruger came to find us.  I love having my whole family at the finish line- it's so uplifting.  
Katie snapped this picture of me & Ken.

I think I'm getting shorter.  Oh good, something else to worry about.

And we all packed up to go home.  Ruger was exhausted from road marshall-ing.

There are always great stories at this race, but you have to read my friend Heather's 
blog Runner's Notes for the best one.

I hope your weekend was fun, too!

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