Monday, September 9, 2013

Where's Your Drishti?

Drishti is a sanscrit word that you'll hear sometimes during yoga.  

You'll be trying to balance and wobbling and a teacher will say, "Find your drishti".  

This is a really helpful statement if you know what your drishti is!

Ok, try this exercise:
Stand on one foot.  Look at the TV, glance over at your kids, check on the dog, look out the window at the neighbor kid skateboarding... ok, now pick yourself up off the floor.

Let's try this another way:
Stand on one foot (the same one or the other one- whatever you like).  Put your gaze at a spot on the wall in front of you.  Look only at that space.  Now, with an inner sense of your balance, let that spot sort of blur in front of you.  Look right through it while your foot presses into the ground.

Are you still standing?  You found your drishti.

Your drishti is that inner focus that allows you to balance.  Once you find it, you feel solid and grounded.  When you lose it... well, it's not a great feeling. 

Today I'm asking you to look for your drishti off the mat.  Find your inner focus.  It's not the same from day to day.  Sometimes I'm fully focused on being a wife or a mother.  Sometimes my focus shifts to my other roles.  But I always know when my focus is exactly where it should be.  
I feel solid and grounded.

Where's your Drishti today?


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