Saturday, September 21, 2013

Erie Half Marathon Re-Cap & Three Half Marathons is Enough

Hello friends!

I suppose it's time to tell you about that half marathon I ran last weekend.

So, the alarm went off again at dark-thirty.  (someone please find me a half marathon that starts mid-morning)  I have to say that I was not excited to get out of my warm bed.  13.1 miles sounded really far just then.  But, of course I got moving and I knew that once I started I'd be fine.

I took this little picture for you...

I love the bibs at this race.  As long as you register early on, your name is printed on it and people along the course yell, "Go Rhonda!"  It's really fun.

The sticker is now on the back of my Jeep.  This is big news around here because Ken normally doesn't allow stickers on the cars.  The fact that he volunteered "You can put that on the car." is REAL proof that he supports my crazy fitness journey.

So, I headed out to Presque Isle, the same place where the Biggest Loser Half Marathon was held just a month ago.  I left really early because the traffic was INSANE in August and I almost missed the start.

So, imagine my surprise when it took me exactly 8 minutes to park.  
Have I told you that my local runner's club is awesome?  I know I have.

I actually had time to take this picture and share it on facebook & instagram 
since it's too pretty to keep to myself.

And I took a scary selfie for you.  I'm so sorry.

That's when I realized that I had forgotten the bib.

Remember? The awesome one with my name on it?
The one I took a picture of?

Yep- left it right on the table where I took the photo.

I quickly texted my friend Heather who is a serious runner. (I am anything but serious) 
She assured me that as long as I had my chip on my shoe I'd be fine.  
Apparently the bibs are mostly to identify us in the pictures and I never buy the pictures anyway.  

I didn't take my phone with me for the remainder of the race.

See, I got a PR at the Biggest Loser Half and I knew it wasn't going to happen again.

I had Two Race-Day Goals:

1. Get to the 10K marker before getting lapped by the marathon leader.
Check! I did not see that skinny-shirtless-wonder until around mile 7.

2. Get to the 10-mile marker before getting lapped by the first female marathoner.
Check! I did not see any speedy pony-tails until after mile 11.

My goal for this summer was to finish 
Three Half Marathons in Three Months.

I'm please to say that I accomplished this goal. 

In July I finished the Presque Isle Half Marathon.
In August I PR'd at the Biggest Loser Half Marathon.
And in September I finished the Erie Half Marathon at Presque Isle.

Finishing three half marathons this close together was harder than I thought it would be.

There wasn't really enough time between races to recover, ramp up mileage & do any kind of taper.  So, I had to make decisions on how much mileage I'd do on any given day.  

I followed a training plan for the first race, but after that I was winging it.

I just listened to my body when deciding how long a  long run would be.  Recovery after this last race has been slow.  I'm not running this weekend because I know I'm just not ready.  I'll get out again when it's time and I'm not sure yet when that will be.

Tomorrow I'm celebrating the Autumnal Equinox with 108 Sun Salutations along with the ladies in my Wild About Yoga group.  Sign up to join the fun!

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