Friday, August 23, 2013

Ultimate Yogi Day 108 & the Week in Review

Well, I made it.  Today is Day 108 in my Ultimate Yogi 108 journey.  Today I'll celebrate by going to my mat and doing 108 Sun Salutations.  Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of Sun Salutations but I'm trusting that I'm ready.

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So now that I'm at the end of the program let me give you a few impressions.

What I love...

Each class is different.  
There is a schedule that you follow and you never have to do 
the same thing two days in a row.

Rest days are built in to the program.  
So even though you actually do yoga every day, 
you're not always pushing yourself to your limits.

Some classes show your strengths, while others let you know what you need to work on.
I thought I had good balance until I did the DVD entitled Balance. Cardio wasn't too difficult for me once I found the rhythm... but maybe I've practice finding a cardio rhythm because I run.

Why did it take me more than 108 Days?

I took more than 108 days to complete the program on purpose.  I made small changes in the schedule so that I could continue training for half marathons.  I can't really run 13.1 miles on a Sunday and then go home and pop in an hour-long power yoga DVD so I didn't do UY 108 on those days.  

Maybe you can, but I'm not that awesome.

I also moved classes around so that the easier, more restorative classes coincided with my long runs.  This just worked better for me & my body.

Did I see results?

Absolutely! One of the most noticeable changes (to me) is in my core strength.  I used to get lower back pain after any run over 7 or 8 miles.  This simply has not happened to me this summer.  I can only credit the yoga with strengthening my core so that I carry my upper body with more strength when I'm running.

I've also noticed that I'm more intentional in my food choices since I've been doing the Ultimate Yogi.  Yoga encourages insists that you pay attention during practice.  If your mind is all over the place, your body will be all over the place.  After awhile, you can't help yourself... you bring the mindfulness with you when you leave the mat.

Would I do this program again?

Yes!  And of course, I'll tweak the schedule as needed.  The creators of UY are coming out with a new program called Yoga Warrior 365 in September and I plan to try it too.

I've practiced yoga off & on for quite awhile, but at this point it's an almost-daily part of my life.  Several people have said to me that they'd like to try UY 108, but it's too expensive.  The cost is $108.  That's $1 per day.  Doesn't sound too bad to me.

If you have any questions about this program, 
feel free to leave them in the comments!

My Fitness Week in Review

Biggest Loser Half Marathon
(race recap tomorrow- I know I'm late, I'll get it done!)

UY Cardio

UY Balance
30 min. walk with the puppy

Short & Sweet yoga
30 min. walk with the puppy

UY Gentle & Yin
30 min. Run

108 Sun Salutations!
30 min. puppy walk

4 mile Run
UY Short & Sweet

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