Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Out of Your Own Way & The Week in Review

Yesterday I rolled out my yoga mat and went to get some water.  
When I came back I found this scene...

Now, how am I supposed to do yoga with a beagle in the way?

Then I got to thinking... what else is in my way?  What's in your way?

I moved the beagle and got my yoga done.  
But, some things are harder to move, especially if you've let them sit there for a long time.

So here are my tips for getting out of your own way:

1. Give yourself many options.
Have a variety of workout options at the ready.  Sometimes you have to squeeze in a quick & dirty 20 minute workout and call it a day.  Other times you can spend an hour on your yoga mat.

2. Do it now!
Do you spend too much time thinking about getting yourself going?
If you would have started when you first thought about it, you'd be done by now.

3. Decide that you are important.
I know- you have a million things that need to get done.  I do too.  
Give yourself permission to do yoga, run, walk, do aerobics... what ever you want, first.  
Your laundry will still be there when you're finished with your workout. Relax.

4. Be blunt.
Sometimes you'll have to actually say the words, "When I'm finished".  That's the answer to every question which involves you doing something other than your workout.
It goes like this...
"Mom, can you find my shoes?"... "When I'm finished."
"Do you want to go out to eat?"... "When I'm finished."
"We need to get this, that and the other thing done today."... "When I'm finished."

See? You don't even have to say "no" to those other important things! 
You just put them on hold for a mere 30 minutes.

5. Move the Obstacle.
Sometimes you have to physically move the things in your way (like my beagle). 
 If you find the sight of your unfolded laundry distracting, put it in a closet.  
Or leave the house and go for a walk.  

What's in your way? How will you move it?

If you'd like more support join my Wild About Yoga group in September! 

The Week in Review

Sunday: Ultimate Yogi Detox

Monday: UY Cardio
30 min. Run

Tuesday: UY CrossTrain
1 mile walk with the beagle

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Run
Short & Sweet Yoga

Friday: UY Flexibility
1 mile walk with the beagle

Saturday: Run (not sure how far yet)
UY Gentle

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