Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Food, Quality Time with My Little One & Yoga in Public

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So, let's have some What I Ate Wednesday action, shall we?
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First let me tell you what I did not eat this week.
I did not stop for Chocolate Covered Bacon and fireworks.  I can't even imagine that.

By the way, this sign used to say "Pepper Spray and Sugar Free Fudge".  
I didn't stop for those either.

I've been shopping in bulk more than usual lately and it's been working well.  
I've been spending time on Sunday afternoon chopping vegetables like a mad-woman.

These peppers are the first things to disappear.  Katie & I love them so much.  
They go into salads and eggs... ok, usually they go straight into our mouths.

I chopped the cucumbers with my fancy chopper and made some hummus for dipping. Yummy!

The onions disappear very shortly after the peppers.

Thankfully someone else pre-chopped the apples for me.  
This sort of packaging really promotes healthy snacking, friends.  

Nobody in this house likes to chop besides me.  
If the apples are pre-chopped, people eat them. 

Katie has been at Zoo Camp this week.  She's having a ball and learning a lot about animals.  
She came home yesterday and told me she wants a skunk.  

Apparently they have one at the zoo and he is adorable.  
His name is Gus and he had his stinker removed.

I told her this wasn't going to happen, so now she's campaigning for a bunny.  
I'll let you know.

All this means that Mandy & I have been spending some quality time together this week.  
It's really rare for me to have this much one-on-one time with one of my girls.

I challenged the women in my Wild About Yoga group 
to do yoga in public.  

Since I never dish out a challenge if I'm not willing to do it myself, 
we did some yoga at the zoo while we waited for Katie!

The mama orangutan was spending quality time with her baby, too.

Who are you spending your quality time with this week?

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