Saturday, August 24, 2013

Biggest Loser Half Marathon Re-cap

I'm finally getting my act together to tell you about the Biggest Loser Half Marathon.
It was a week ago today... that's not too late, is it?

I registered for this half marathon way back in November on Black Friday.
The smart people who organize this race offered a 50% off registration.

A half marathon in my hometown AND a big discount?
There's no way I could say no to that!

So, I also signed Katie, Mandy, and Grandma Glo up for the 5K.

We got up at dark-thirty last Saturday morning and headed out to Presque Isle State Park.  

Traffic was crazy, but at least when my family saw all the cars they stopped thinking I was nuts
and that I had made us leave too early.  

The main parking lot closed right before we got there and people started parking everywhere.  It looked like a scene from a sic-fi movie where the aliens have taken all the people and all the cars are left behind!

This was Katie's first time running a 5K alone.  I'm so stinkin' proud of this girl.  She had to dig deep and motivate herself... no mama running beside her to say, "keep going! you can do it!". This was all her.

Runners & Walkers at every distance were rewarded with a medal at the finish line.  I really liked the positive environment that the organizers created... very encouraging for beginning walkers & runners.

Mandy and Grandma Glo walked the 5K and as usual, they had fun.

At one point, Mandy & Grandma thought they might not be able to finish because Mandy felt like she might throw up.  But, that turned out to be a false alarm and they collected their medals.  I'm sure glad Grandma got to experience that fun while I was out on the half marathon course. ha!

The swag was good too!  In addition to the medals, we got drawstring bags & nice t-shirts.

Despite the traffic and parking-craziness, I'd definitely do this race again.  
It was very organized and loads of fun.

I just won't tell Katie, Mandy, and Grandma about the early start time.  
They'll forget by next year.

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