Monday, August 5, 2013

3 Tips for New Yogis & Setting Some Goals

Good morning!

I'm just returning from my morning walk with Ruger.  
He was a little wound up this morning, so he might need an afternoon walk as well.

This is his "who, me?" face.

I'm so excited about the August Wild About Yoga group.  We've got women who already have a regular practice, some who are working to make their practice more regular and some who are brand new to the yoga mat.  

I send them an e-mail every week with tips, links, and information.  
Here's a little sample of what they got this morning.

3 Tips for New Yogis

1.  Keep looking! If you're not crazy about the first yoga workout you try, pick another one. There are so many different teachers & different styles... there really is something for you.

2. Wear comfortable clothing.  You should be able to move easily in your clothes without feeling restricted.  However, clothes that are really loose can be problematic. I tried to wear a big t-shirt the other day... in my first downward dog it ended up falling down around my head. Not cool.

3. Modify!  When you're following a video, don't feel like you have to go as far into a pose as the instructor does.  You should feel challenged sometimes, but you should never feel pain.  If an instructor says to jump into a pose, feel free to step into it instead.  

Work at your own pace- you'll know when you're ready to go deeper.

Setting Goals

Here are my three goals for the week...

1. I will practice yoga at least 6 times this week.

2. I will choose 5 new songs (1 each day, M-F) for the fall ballet classes 
so that they don't sneak up on me like they did last year. 

3. I will walk the puppy every day for at least 1 mile 
so that he gets his exercise while I sneak in a little extra.

Do you have a goal this week?  
Make it specific and measurable and you're more likely to get it done!
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