Monday, July 1, 2013

The Week in Review, Yoga Happiness, & a Fast Metabolism Re-Start

Hi there friends!

I'm so happy today.  When I got the idea for the 31 Days of Yoga in July my goal was to get 20 people signed up.  I thought that sounded like a lot and a number I could be really proud of.  The first e-mail went out this morning- full of links & brimming over with my excitement- to 39 yogis and wanna-be-yogis.  My heart is full!

There is still time to join us- click here to fill out the form.

So today I re-started The Fast Metabolism Diet today in order to get July off to a good start. My breakfast was french toast made with Ezekiel bread and egg whites with strawberries on top.

Our favorite turkey chili is in the crock pot- it's loaded with vegetables and smells delicious!

This past week was a good one fitness-wise.  I downloaded an Urban Yoga Flow from Travis Elliot (teacher in the Ultimate Yogi videos).  It allowed me to get a good workout in 30 mins. on days when a whole hour of yoga just wasn't going to happen.  Here's how the week looked:

Urban Yoga Flow

Sprint 8's on the treadmill
Ultimate Yogi- Balance

UY- Urban Flow

45 minute Run
UY- Flexibility

UY- Gentle


10 mile run
Easy yoga flow to stretch my tired legs a bit.

I hope your week is starting out wonderfully!

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