Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stocking up on Fruits & Veggies- Sunday Meal Planning

Hello friends! I hope you're all enjoying a great Sunday. 

I went shopping at Sam's Club yesterday & stocked up on some veggie goodness.
Today I'm chopping, washing & planning for a healthy-eating week.

First I grabbed this ginormous bag of berries...

...and a healthy supply of spinach

...and some Almond Milk

...which will all be appearing with my 1st Step Pro-Wellness Vanilla Protein Powder 
in my post-workout smoothie snacks.

Then I stocked up on Romaine lettuce for my salads.
Ken actually doubts whether I will eat all this before it goes bad. Ha!

This big container of tomatoes will join the lettuce in many salads.  I also enjoy cucumber in my salads which I totally forgot to buy.  Oh well, back to the store later!

This big package of peppers was a great find!  These guys can go in salads, plus get into my eggs and be enjoyed sliced up as a snack.  Now that I think about it, they might only last until Wednesday.

Here are the dinner plans:
Monday:  I'll pack up some shredded chicken & a boatload of veggies 
and take them to the girls' swim meet.
Tuesday: Grilled Steaks
Wednesday: Grilled Salmon
Thursday: Grilled Steakburgers & Sausages
Friday:  Crab Legs

So, what kinds of deliciousness are you 
looking forward to this week?

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