Friday, July 19, 2013

Running Lessons, The Zoo, & The Week in Review

Good morning friends!  I'm sitting out here on my deck eating my breakfast
and taking a moment to check in with you.

I was going to announce the Lunatik Athletiks winner today but I decided to leave this one open until Sunday.  I'll announce a winner then- for real this time.  So, that means you still have time to enter.
Just leave a comment on this post and you could win this cute running skirt and calf sleeves.

I'll include the winner in my race re-cap on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday I'll be running the Presque Isle Half Marathon.  It's a special race for me because it was the very first half marathon I ever ran.  That was an awful run.  I really didn't know my body yet.  I was running way too much & I wasn't doing any sort of cross-training.  By the time I hit the 10-mile mark I was in real pain.  It felt like someone was jamming one of my knitting needles under my knee-cap.

I was pretty sure that my first half marathon would also be my last.

That was in 2009.  I skipped 2010.

In 2011 I decided to try again & fell in love with the distance.  Now I run 3 days per week.
I'll throw in an extra if Katie wants to run or if a friend calls, but 3 is my normal.

I also employ a run/walk method now for anything longer than a 5K.  I've done a lot of experimenting over the last few years & found that for me, 4 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking gives me a decent pace and keeps me injury-free.  I may not be fast, but with the run/walk method I can go far.

After experimenting with strength training, I've finally come back to yoga and it's making me stronger.

Sunday will be my 6th half marathon.  I'm thrilled because the weather man has changed his tune & thinks I'm going to get temps between 60 & 76 degrees. Thank you!

I don't know if Sunday will be a PR kind of run, but I'm determined to enjoy the entire morning.

These were my goodies from last year.  I'm heading to packet pick-up later today
& I'll show you my new shirt tomorrow!

Moving on- this summer has been pretty fun so far.  We visited the Cleveland Zoo last week.  
They have this fabulous Dinosaur exhibit where Mandy would have stayed half the day.

Do you think the T-Rex is to scale?

Katie pointed this out to me in the Rainforest area.  
Wouldn't it be great if I could grow Lipstick in my garden?

We wanted to do Tree Pose in front of a really cool dinosaur.
Only later did we realize that we blocked the dino.  Sorry.

I hope you're having a great week!  Here's the fitness week in review...

Sunday:  UY- Gentle

UY- 72 Sun Salutations for Day 72 of The Ultimate Yogi 108

30 min. Run
UY- Cross Train (I forgot how much I love this one!)

UY- Strength

Short & Sweet with Travis Elliot
30 min. run

(I'm doing this instead of Yin which is on my schedule today because I like it better)

30 min. easy-peasy run
and some kind of yoga... I haven't decided just yet.

Do you have a race or a fitness event that is special to you?

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