Sunday, July 21, 2013

PI Half Marathon 2013 Recap & a Lunatik Winner!

Well, right off the bat let me tell you that I made it.  I'm here on my couch relaxing in my compression calf sleeves from Lunatik Athletiks.  I tried to wear them out to brunch after the race but Katie said no way.

This was my fourth running of the Presque Isle Half Marathon and the weather cooperated in a big way!  We've had a summer that alternated between rain and stifling heat so I was really prepared to suffer.  However, this morning at the starting line it was about 65 degrees.  By the time I finished it was around 75.  Mid-July racing just doesn't get better than this!

I headed to the starting line by myself and took a little self-portrait for you in the car.
I'm sorry if that's too scary for you.

My children will be pleased to know that I remembered to leave my glasses in the car even though they were not around to remind me.  I can't tell you how many times I've walked back to my car from the starting line of a race because I have my glasses on.  I only need them to drive- not to run- and they slide down my nose when I get sweaty.  Can you say- annoying?

So, the nice thing about running on Presque Isle is that it's really flat.  I mean flatter than a pancake.  In fact, if you look up the elevation it would probably say "pfft...".  Not worth mentioning.

Now, I'm used to hills.  My neighborhood (where I run) is really hilly.

This is the only hill on the whole course...

Ridiculously small, right?  But the funny thing (to me) is that because there are no other hills, this one catches me off guard every time! I act like I'm going to die or something.  
I guess it's really all about perspective.

I finished just 27 seconds short of my PR from last summer.  
I'm a little bummed about that but the truth is that I don't think I could have run any faster today.  
I have got to learn to run a half without stopping at a restroom...

We got these cute little finishers towels at the finish line.  
It came in very handy as I was very sweaty and needed to wipe my brow.
Not really sure what to do with it now...

My fantastic family was waiting for me at the finish line.
There is truly no sweeter sight than the smiling faces of the people you love at the finish line.  I know it's a pain for them to get up early just to see me come in, but I really appreciate it.

Mandy hugged me and said, "Eeewww! You're sweaty." 
 Um, yes dear...Mommy just ran kind of far.

Ken even brought Ruger to the finish... he looked so excited to be there. 
His tongue was hanging out and I just know he wanted to chase those runners!

Katie hopped in my car for the ride home which was great because after a big race runners like to tell their race story!  Katie is a great listener and doesn't complain when I tell her silly things.

We took another picture of my towel on the drive home.

After a pretty awesome shower I put on my race shirt.

The "you only go around once" refers to this half marathon being one whole lap around the beautiful peninsula.  At the full marathon in the fall you have to go around twice.  No thanks! I'll be doing the half again.  Once is enough for me.

Oh... one more highlight of the morning! 
At mile 10 I passed my doctor- and did not see him again. ha!

Before you think I forgot- I did pick a winner for the Lunatik Athletiks giveaway.  
(and I must tell you- the people that read this blog are seriously my kind of people
... complete lunatiks!) and the winner is...

Sarah Kerner please e-mail me at
and I'll tell you what we need to do to get you that adorable skirt!

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