Sunday, July 7, 2013

Is Sunday Your Day of Rest?

Good morning!

Frequent readers already know that I'm doing yoga every single day in July.  I've organized a fantastic group of yogis who have accepted that challenge as well.  We chime in and encourage each other in a facebook group and they receive daily e-mails from me.

I thought I'd share today's e-mail with all of you...

In many faiths Sunday is a day of rest.  
My Papa used to observe a day of literal rest on Sunday- no lawn work or chores.  I've never been sure if this was an act of faith on his part or whether he had found a surefire method of making sure that my Grandma didn't nag him to get out of his chair.  Either way- it worked for him!

But, we've decided to do yoga every single day in July- even on Sunday! 

If you're starting to feel like you need a rest I have good news for you.  You can have your yoga and a rest, too.  

Today I'm introducing you to Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Gentle Yoga.  These flows will be much calmer than some of the power yoga-typs workouts you may have tried.  They will challenge you to be still and stay in postures for more extended periods of time.

I'll warn you though- while Yin might be easier on the body than an intense flow, it can be tough to quiet your mind.  

So many of us are busy- constantly in motion.  We can find it challenging to just be still.  

Try it- take your day of rest.  My Papa would be proud.

Here is a Yin Yoga with Yogi Nora
And here's a Restorative Yoga sequence or a Yoga for Relaxation video. 

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