Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm a Klean Athlete & I Do Yoga in Public

Happy Saturday!

I slept in a little bit today as nobody wanted to go running with me.  While I love running with friends, it's kind of nice to be making my own schedule today.  So I got up & started some laundry, had a little breakfast and now I'm checking in with you!  I figure by the time I'm done with this post breakfast will have digested a bit and I'll be off!

The mailman brought me yet another fun package yesterday.  This time it was from Klean Athlete Nutritional Supplements.  They make nutritional supplements that are free of yeast, wheat, corn, artificial colorings and a whole bunch of other crap you might not want in your body.

In addition to these vitamins...

...they sent a water bottle which Katie immediately decided was hers.

Mandy took the little change-holder thingy.

I gave Ken the t-shirt because it is an XL and I am not.

I was allowed to keep the nifty drawstring bag...

...and of course the vitamins.

These people just love it when companies want to work with me.

I'm encouraging you to join me in signing the Klean Oath.  You can submit your name and sport or your story and be entered to win a Klean Athlete Sponsorship package.

I signed the oath and submitted this picture of me & my girlies doing tree pose out in public.

It's a little silly but that's who we are.  Why pretend to be otherwise?

I never really think of myself as an athlete.  I think of myself as a person who has discovered that fitness does wonders in her life and wants to share that experience with others.  Most importantly, my kids.

My Fitness Week in Review:

Sunday: PM Yoga video
1 mile walk with the puppy

Monday: Speedwork Run on my Treadmill
Short & Sweet Yoga with Travis Elliot

Tuesday:  Ultimate Yogi Strength

Wednesday: UY Flexibility

Thursday: 30 min. Run
Short & Sweet with Travis Elliot

Friday: UY Detox

Saturday: 6 mile Run
30 mins. of Yoga

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