Monday, July 8, 2013

An Ultimate Yogi Update- Day 65

Hey friends!

It's hard to believe that I'm nearing the end of my second phase of The Ultimate Yogi 108.  
Today is Day 65- on Day 72 I'll do those 72 Sun Salutations.  Wow.

I'm at a point now where yoga has become a daily habit.  I organized the 31 Days of Yoga group (check the tab above) as a means of encouraging others to try yoga as a daily practice.
Me & Katie in Warrior 2
3 Things I'm Loving:

1. Having all of the videos at home makes scheduling time for yoga very flexible.  
I can get up early to hit the mat or squeeze in the time throughout my day.

2.  Now that I'm more than halfway through the program, the workouts are becoming familiar to me.  
Flowing through the poses is getting less clumsy-feeling. 
(ok, that's how it feels- I don't want to know how it looks)

3. Although the programs are becoming familiar, they are no less challenging.  That's really one of the great things about yoga- you can always go further into a pose when you are ready.
Katie & Mandy in tree pose... with a beagle.
3 Things I'm Not Loving:

1.  Having all of the videos at my disposal means I can't make any excuses! ha!

2. I am continuing to battle my own ugly thoughts.  I need to be patient with my own progress.

3.  Um... I can't think of a third one.  Sorry.

Me in tree pose.
Showing these pictures to you is how I tell the ugly-talk to shut up.
Apparently Ruger likes yoga, too.
Yoga is teaching me that each day brings it's own challenges.

Two weeks ago, the Strength video felt great.  I felt strong and maybe a little cocky about the fact that it was getting easier.  Then last week Strength felt, well... pretty weak.  Why?  I'm not sure- maybe I didn't get enough sleep the night before, maybe I hadn't eaten well enough on that particular day or maybe I was just feeling distracted.

Whatever the reason, I had no choice but to honor that feeling
and move through the practice as best I could.

That lesson will serve me well off the mat, too.
I will remember to be where I am, feel what I feel and just keep moving forward.

Namaste, friends.

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