Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Saturday Swim, Yoga, & The Week In Review

Happy Saturday!

This morning we headed out to Presque Isle State Park to watch Ken finish a one-mile open water swim.  This one is crazy to me- they swim out past the breakers where the water is really choppy.

Every year Ken half-heartedly says to me, "you should try this some year." 
and I whole-heartedly say, "no way."

But, it turned out to be a beautiful morning... I waited on the beach with these two.

We even took Ruger along.  
He wasn't sure what to think of the waves lapping in & out.

It was a particularly good morning for our resident swimmer who managed to snag this...

It's too bad we didn't hang around for awards because Ken was starving... 
good thing we had friends there to grab it for him!

Don't forget to sign up to get Wild About Yoga in August.
This month the focus will be on making yoga a regular part of your life
even if that doesn't mean every single day.
You'll find more information and a short form to sign up in THIS POST.

This past week my fitness was all about recovering from the Presque Isle half marathon.
I was pretty sore at the beginning of the week so I didn't run again until Thursday.
That's okay- there's no big hurry or anything.

Here's how it shaped up...
Presque Isle Half Marathon
15 mins yoga focusing on my poor hips

Monday: Ultimate Yogi Cardio

Tuesday: Short & Sweet Yoga with Lauren Eckstrom (loved this one!)

Wednesday: UY Vitality

Thursday: Uy CrossTrain & 30 min. run 
(I took the beagle- he needs to pick up his pace)

Friday: UY Strength

Saturday: 4 mile run & yoga- 
I'll either do UY Yin or another Short & Sweet- we'll see.

What was the highlight of your week?

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