Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIAW- This Family Has a Fast Metabolism!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone!

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Before I get started on my 3-Day Vegan cleanse,
let me tell you what we've been eating around here.

Here's what happened...  I followed The Fast Metabolism Diet for the full 28 day plan.
I loved it and felt great.  The meal maps really helped me to eliminate a lot of crap from my diet.
So then, Ken decided to give it a go.  
He is also feeling awesome and slimming down.
Strawberry French Toast- we make it with Ezekiel Bread & egg whites
So when Katie told me that she wanted to follow the plan,  you might be surprised to hear that I hesitated.  You see, I'm not excited about the 12-year-old being on a "diet".  I certainly don't want body-image issues to start this young.  But I also don't want to ignore her when she tells me that she wants to improve her diet.
Turkey Chili filled with veggies is Katie's favorite lunch!
We did some chatting and ultimately decided that she would eat all of the food allowed on The Fast Metabolism Diet without worrying about the 3 Phases of the diet.  Since The Fast Metabolism is loaded with real food and heavy on the fruits & veggies, I feel good about this plan.  

She's also drinking more water than ever which never hurts anyone!
These are the veggies Katie & I had for dinner the other night. :)
Yesterday she came home from school and got on my treadmill for a 30 minute run while I grilled up the veggies.  Ken looked at me and said, "and if you spent your days lying on the couch smoking crack,
she'd probably want to do that too."

I guess I'd better behave myself.  Little people are watching.

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