Saturday, June 22, 2013

When My Heart Melts & The Week in Review

Happy First full day of summer!
To celebrate the day, my friends over at The Ultimate Yogi 108
are giving you 25% off with the code SUMMER for the day.
Go there now! Get your DVDs... I'll wait here.

Before I found The Ultimate Yogi 108, I had practiced yoga on & off for years.  I have done DVDs (and yes, some VHS tapes) at home, followed yoga flows from magazines and attended live classes at the university where I work.

(want to adjust your ego? Haul your 40-year-old butt to yoga class
and roll out your mat in a room with 20-year-old ballet majors)

Most recently, I was enjoying Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.
(I thought it was hard until I met UY)

I've loved all of these experiences and they have all taught me something.

But, there is one moment in Jillian's Yoga Meltdown during the cool-down stretch where she asks you to "melt your heart".  Then she sort of scoffs and says, "That's yoga-speak for 'stretch your hamstring'".  I know she's kidding (sort of) and she doesn't pretend to be a yogi.

But, I wish I could talk to her and tell her,
"You're missing it. That's not what it means to melt your heart."
Yes, this makes my heart melt, too.
Instagram: KidsRunWild

Now, before I continue I need to say the following:
I am not a yoga teacher.  I am (and always will be) a yoga student.
The thoughts I'm about to share are my own and solely based on
my personal experience on the yoga mat.

Ok, moving on.

To me, when I say that I'm going to stretch my hamstring this indicates that I am actively doing something.  I am intentionally working my body into a position and making sure that the stretch happens.

But, when I put myself in a seated pose, stretch my arms to the sky and melt the heart forward I am allowing my body to stretch.  I am releasing the hamstring (as well as my lower back) and letting gravity ease me forward.  Then, I breathe into the pose a little further (if my body allows it) and experience the opening of my joints.

Does the hamstring stretch? Of course!

It's the mindset that is different.  Therefore, the experience is different.
Instagram: KidsRunWild

Have you ever worked really hard to plan the perfect day for your family only to have it fall apart?  One kid gets sick, the other kid hates the movie you picked and your husband wants to be out fishing...
  you're trying to force things.

Then the following weekend you plan nothing and end up having a great time grilling food out on your own deck and playing in the back yard?... your heart melts.

This week I will allow my heart to melt more often.

I will stop forcing things- for myself and everyone around me.

I know which experience I prefer.

Here's my week in review... 
lots of Yoga & Running- just the way I like it.

Sunday: 20 minute yoga flow

Monday: Sprint 8's on the treadmill
Ultimate Yogi- Balance
(This one was a wee bit easier than it was last week.
I did a little happy dance on the mat)

Tuesday: UY- Strength
(At first I dreaded this one, but now I look forward to it's challenge)

Wednesday: UY-Flexibility

Thursday: 45 min. run
UY- Gentle

Friday: UY- Detox (my favorite in this phase)

Saturday: UY- HardCORE
6 mile Run

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