Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ultimate Yogi- Day 36

The Ultimate Yogi 108 Day program is split into 3 sections.  Today marks the end of the first 36 days.  

I greeted the morning on Day 36 with a celebration of 36 Sun Salutations.  
On Day 72, I'll do 72 Sun Salutations and on Day 108... 
you guessed it, 108 Sun Salutations.

What have I learned in 36 Days?

1. My hips are terribly tight.
But 36 days is enough time to begin feeling them loosen.

2. My arms are not as strong as my legs.
But 36 days is enough time to notice that they are getting stronger.

3.  I have a hard time quieting my mind during yoga.  I'm all over the place.
But 36 days is enough time to begin to focus.

Have I Stuck To the Program? 

Yes and no.

My personal goal is to hit the yoga mat every day for 108 Days while training for a half marathon.
Occasionally, this means adjusting The Ultimate Yogi schedule to meet my needs.

If I need to switch programs on a certain day, I do that.  Some days I've skipped the long program and just done the Hard Core video (which is shorter) when time is an issue.

But, for the most part I have stayed on track and I'm loving the program as it's planned.
I think now that summer has arrived I will actually be able to stick closer to the schedule.

The Ultimate Yogi

In The Ultimate Yogi series there is a short intro on each DVD by Travis Elliot.  At the end of each one he asks "Are you ready?".  So, in true Ultimate Yogi-style I'm asking you...

Are You Ready?

I am excited to announce that one of my readers is going to receive the entire
108 Day Ultimate Yogi program FREE!  ($108 value)-
I'll announce the winner on Friday June 14th.

Entering to win is easy- leave a comment here and tell me that

Better yet, tell me how you know you're ready.
It's not necessary to provide details in order to win, but I'd love to hear your story.

Disclaimer: I received The Ultimate Yogi program free of charge.  
I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions and text are my own. 
(my opinion is that it's a fantastic program and you should try it!)

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