Friday, June 14, 2013

The Ultimate Winner and I'm in a Giving Mood

Hey everyone!

I'm stopping by today to congratulate the winner of the Ultimate Yogi 108 giveaway.  
I chose this winner in a random drawing but I must tell you that I'm thrilled to send it to her.  
I hope this set makes this teacher's summer ULTIMATE!

The winner is... TANYA!  Here's her comment- I think you'll understand why it makes me happy.

I showed this answer to Katie and she wishes one of her teachers was a yogi. :)

Tanya- send your mailing info to
and I'll pass it along to my friends at UY.

And since I'm in a sharing mood today, 
here are a few things around the 'net that I think you should check out.

Amanda's Clean and Lean July over at Run to the Finish.  I signed up for the June version and I won't miss July.  You get online support in a facebook group plus daily e-mails
that inspire you to be more mindful in your food choices.

Semper Sarah's post- The Geography of Bliss Part 2.
This will really make you think about what sort of food you're putting into your body.
 I can't even describe it- just read it.

Check out this fun giveaway from one of my favorite websites!

I've grown to hate the gym too, but for different reasons.  I've got a treadmill in my basement and The Ultimate Yogi 108 that I can do at home.  I'm finding that my workouts are more consistent since I don't have to travel anywhere.  Also, if you think you need to lift weights to build strength you've never tried yoga in an intense way.  But that's another blog post. (really, I'll get to it!)

And just for fun... how about a little weekend giveaway?
I've got 2 more pairs of pink laces up for grabs!

Just comment here for a chance to win- I'll announce names on Monday.

Happy Weekend!

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