Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer, My Lack of Balance & WIAW

Hi guys!  It's Wednesday and the kids have finally finished school for the summer.  We're looking forward to loads of summer fun.  Our pool is up in the back yard and although the weather has been too crummy to swim, Ruger is busy investigating.

Katie went with me to the Monday night for speedwork. 
My friend Heather is right.  She always says it's much easier to torture yourself at the track when you have friends to chase around.
We took this pic before the workout.  
We looked a lot more exhausted when it was over.

I started the second phase of the Ultimate Yogi program on Monday.  
The DVD was called "Balance" and apparently I don't have as much of that as I thought. 

Ok, picture this- I'm in plank.  It's all good.  

Travis says "Bring your right knee up to your right elbow." Ok- still fine.  

Then he says, "Now you also have the option to lift your left foot up off the ground." 
What the???  I honestly cracked up because I thought he was kidding.  Then I looked up at the TV and realized he was serious and people were doing it!  Wow... this program never stops challenging me. 

Note to self: Always bring your sense of humor to the mat.

If you'd like to join me in this craziness fun, you should enter the giveaway here.

If you can't stand to wait, click on the UY button in the sidebar.  I believe in this program so strongly that I am now an affiliate.  I'm proud to recommend it to you.

Ok, how about some food so I can crash the What I Ate Wednesday party?

I finished my 3-Day Vegan Cleanse on Saturday.
Although my diet is pretty heavy on the fruits & veggies these days, I'm not ready to give up meat entirely.  I just enjoy a little grilled steak or fish (ok, a lot of fish!).

But, I'm loving the summer and it's fruity offerings...

...and I enjoyed several fantastic smoothies over the 3 days.

I also made a big crockpot of the Black Bean & Veggie Soup I talked about in this post.  It was a lunchtime star during the 3 Vegan days and I will definitely make it again now that I'm back to being an omnivore.  It's delicious!  (Katie thinks I went overboard on the red pepper flakes. I regret nothing.)

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What are you eating today?

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