Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've got Vitamins and My Hair is Growing!

June is here... Summer has begun... Happy Saturday! It's a great day, friends!

I don't care if June 21st is the Summer Solstice- I start summer when June starts!

I've got some exciting things planned for you guys this summer.

I'm so excited to join 1st Step Pro-Wellness as an Ambassador!  I have used 1st Step Pro-Wellness products for awhile now and I feel very comfortable telling you that they are great products.

The Multi-Vitamin & B12 Complex are part of my every day life now.

Since I started taking the Multi-Vitamin I've been seeing a lot of my hair dresser.
My hair has been growing like crazy! I'm not trying to grow my hair out or anything, but if I was...

They also taste good and they are liquid.  My kids have been watching me try to gag down big vitamin pills for years.  No more of that!  A little shot of Multi in the AM and I'm on my way.  The B12 provides an energy boost without caffeine (which you know I kicked to the curb) and no other stimulants.

The B12 Complex comes in two flavors- Tropical Blend is my favorite flavor until I have the Cherry Charge.
Ok, I can't decide.  They're both good.

In order to celebrate this new partnership, I'm giving one of my readers a 3-month supply
of the Multi-Vitamin AND B12 Complex!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here.

Tell me what you'd do with the extra energy boost you'd get from your Pro-Wellness Vitamins.

You can also tweet the giveaway or share it on facebook for an additional entry.
Just leave me a comment saying that you did.

I'll leave this giveaway open for one week and announce a winner next Saturday (6/8).

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