Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Winner, Some Food, Some Yoga & the Puppy

It's Saturday!

I know that most of you are only stopping by to see who won the 1st Step Pro-Wellness giveaway.  I'm excited to announce that Jenny is the winner of a 3-month supply of the Multi-Vitamin & B-12 Complex.  I hope she uses it to get a little energy boost and enjoy her summer.

Jenny- please e-mail your mailing address to

Didn't win? Don't worry!  There is another giveaway starting tomorrow (Sunday June 9) and I'm super excited about it!  I seriously can't wait to tell you... but you'll have to wait until tomorrow.  You'll be ok.
Stop back here tomorrow OR sign-up for the mailing list and I'll send the announcement straight to your inbox!

So what's been going on over here?  I'm on Day 3 of my 3-Day Vegan Cleanse.  It hasn't been as challenging as I anticipated.  I've enjoyed a lot of great food.

I've had delicious smoothies for breakfast every day.

Y'know how people tell you to put spinach in there and you won't even taste it?  Yep, they're right!  You get all the health benefits of spinach and you don't notice it.

And I really love sweet potatoes. I had one baked with asparagus at lunch...

... and then the whole family scarfed down this mountain of sweet potato fries at suppertime.
(homemade and baked in the oven)

Desserts have been sweet, refreshing & colorful!

Will I continue eating Vegan after these three days?  Not entirely.  There are some tuna steaks in my freezer calling my name.  But, I do think that my overall diet is becoming very fruit/veggie heavy 
and I'm happy about that.  I'll keep you updated.

In other news, Ruger graduated from Advanced Obedience Class.

He even gave me a high five after the test!

My fit week in review is once again all about running & yoga.

Sunday: The Ultimate Yogi Crosstrain
Monday: UY Cardio & 30 min. Run with speed work
Tuesday: UY Strength
Wednesday: UY- HardCORE
Thursday: 45 min. Run & Yin
Friday: UY- Detox
Saturday: 6 mile run & UY Gentle

I did play around with The Ultimate Yogi schedule a bit this week based on what I felt my body needed.  I'm looking forward to starting the second Phase of the program on Monday.  Some of the workouts stay, while others are replaced for now.  More on that tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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