Friday, May 31, 2013

Running with Friends, the Week in Review & a Discount Code

Hey friends!
Stop back tomorrow when I'll have a giveaway
from my friends at 1st Step Pro-Wellness!

I'm doing the week in review a day early, so you'll just have to take my word for it- I'll run in the morning.  I'll text my BRF right this minute and make a plan. Ok?

I find that making fitness plans with friends is becoming more important as time goes by.  Saturday mornings I love getting together to run with Kristina.  There's no problem we can't solve in the time it takes us to run 3 miles.  Last weekend it was pretty cold, but we bundled up & went anyway.

On Monday nights I've started going to a speed workout with my friend Heather and her way-too-fast-for-me friends.  You can tell by the week-in-review below that I've already come to depend on their motivation- we didn't get together on Monday & I never did find time to run.  I've got no excuse really, but I probably wouldn't have blown off the workout if they'd been at the track waiting for me.

Heather already let me know that we're doing 12 X 400's on Monday.  I wish she hadn't told me ahead of time... now I'll just worry about how far I'm going to fall behind those fast women. sigh.

At least I've got a new running skit to make me feel fast.  I also got some great compressions sleeves to recover in from my new friends at Lunatik Athletiks. 

They also gave me a discount code just for you guys! Nice, huh?

Enter zuza25 at checkout for 25% off your order this week!

My journey with The Ultimate Yogi continues.  I can't really describe how much I'm loving this program.  The workouts are tough, but I see improvements in both my strength and flexibility each week.  I'm also part of The Ultimate Yogi facebook page.  These online yogis are so very motivating.  Several of the people who appear in the videos comment regularly on the facebook page.  Many of them are yoga teachers and they all practiced yoga with Travis Elliot (UY teacher) extensively.  They are very helpful when it comes to modifying some of the more difficult poses.

Here's the week in review... lots of yoga. Not enough running.
UY- CrossTrain

UY- Cardio & HardCore

I skipped Tuesday.  
There's no good story here, it was a crappy day and I'd rather just pretend it never happened.

UY- Yin & HardCore
1 mile walk with the puppy

30 min. Run on the treadmill. 
(side note, there needs to be something better on TV in the morning)
UY- Detox
1 mile walk with the puppy

UY- Vitality

Run 6-7 miles
UY- Hard Core

Ruger finds his little one mile walks exhausting.

Goals for the week:
Run 3 times
UY Hard Core 3 times
(these would both be an improvement from this past week!)

What are your goals for the coming week?
Do you have a friend who motivates you in your fitness life?

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