Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Fit Week in Review- It's All About Running & Yoga!

Happy Saturday everyone!
Before I get started, don't forget to check out this post and enter to win a copy of Jennifer Graham's book, "Honey Do You Need a Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner".

The Spring Bootie Buster Challenge has ended, but I thought I'd continue to give you a little
re-cap of the week.  I feel like it's good be accountable since I don't want to have to come here and tell you guys that I was lazy all week.

Amanda sent me these great gifts at the end of the SBBC!
It was such a fun surprise.

I love that shirt! It has my summer to-do list right on it! :)

I didn't get to post last Saturday because our stupid internet was not working at the house.  Now Verizon seems to have solved their problem and my tech-support guy (Ken) has things up & running.  He deserves a raise or something.

Since last week and this week looked pretty much the same I'll just sum them both up 
at the same time for  you here.  Here you go...

The Ultimate Yogi- Cardio

The Ultimate Yogi- Strength
Ran a track workout with my friend Heather and her way-too-fast-for-me friends.
Mostly I chased them- they didn't worry about getting caught. 
And we're not going to discuss that time when Heather's husband Dan lapped me.

I wore my new Asics with my lock laces.
(The laces also came from the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge!)
I like them both a lot even if they didn't make me any faster.

3 mile run with the beagle
The Ultimate Yogi- Yin Yoga
This one involves holding poses for a long time.  
Most for 3 minutes... this might actually loosen my hips. I'll let you know.

The Ultimate Yogi- Detox
There was a whole lot of twisting going on in this one!

The Ultimate Yogi- Vitality

The Ultimate Yogi- Mountain Pose Series
3 mile run/walk at the beach with the beagle.

Morning run with my BRF, Kristina... we took a break when the snow was flying 
and it's so good to be back running with her again!

The Ultimate Yogi- Cross Training
(I think this one is my favorite so far)

Fitness goals for the coming week:
I will run the Mother's Day 5K with Katie & Mandy and we will have a ball!
(full report on that after we cross the finish line)

I will incorporate the Yoga HardCORE workout into my schedule 3 times.
(this is recommended in the program but I didn't do very well with that this week)

How active were you this week?
What are your fit goals for the coming week?

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