Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Saturday! Here's the Week in Review.

Happy Saturday friends!

I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are- 
I am loving the look of it coming through my windows.

I think today looks like a great day to work on my little garden a bit.  I can't wait for that period of summer when I get to walk out my door and find veggies & herbs waiting for me.  
This year I'm trying snow peas for the first time because they are Katie's favorite green thing and she specifically requested them.

When I started The Ultimate Yogi, I wasn't sure that I really wanted to do the 108 day program.  I thought it might be a good supplement to my slightly-haphazard fitness regimen.

The thing about The Ultimate Yogi is that it sort of sneaks up on you.  I did the first DVD and felt great.  So then I did the second one the next day.  I kept going and before I knew it, I was on the plan.

Here's the fitness week in review.  It was a pretty productive week full of running & yoga. 
(my 2 favorite ways to get moving)

The Ultimate Yogi- Crosstrain

30 minute run on my new treadmill!
The Ultimate Yogi- Cardio

The Ultimate Yogi- Strength

The Ultimate Yogi- Yin

The Ultimate Yogi- Detox

The Ultimate Yogi- Vitality
Well, sort of... this post tells you how it went.

5 mile run & The Ultimate Yogi- HardCORE
I did the first 3 miles by myself and then circled back to pick up Ruger for the last two.
He must be feeling a little lazy today because he was sort of pooping out on the last mile.
This beagle needs to pick it up a little.

I hope you had a great week!
What would you request I grow in my garden?
(y'know, if you lived here)

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