Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Book Tour Stop today! Honey Do You Need a Ride?- Jennifer Graham

Hi everyone!

I haven't had internet access in my house for nearly a week and I'm dying here!  Right now I'm writing this post at Tim Horton's just for you.  Don't worry, I'm still off caffeine so I have my water bottle sitting here next to me.  I'm just enjoying the smell of the carmel mocha lattes that I know are back there.  I'll have one again someday but I don't think I'm ready just yet.  Ordering one right now would mean ordering another one tomorrow... it's a slippery slope.

But enough of that- I'll tell you all about my Fast Metabolism Month later.

Because today we are hosting Jennifer Graham, author of 
Jennifer was kind enough to send me a copy of her book and I really loved the first chapter.  Now, please don't misunderstand- I was about to read the whole book.  But, Katie stole the book from me and she hasn't given it back yet.  Since I like to promote both reading and running with my kids, I let it go.  She'll give it back when she's done.

In the meantime, Katie says to tell you that she loves this book except that she doesn't think Jennifer is fat at all.  (Did you hear that Jennifer? She's 12 and she's brutal so you can believe her)

Jennifer takes a light-hearted look at her entry into the running world and the way that it fit into the rest of her life.  Like so many runner-moms she learned it certainly won't make any of your problems go away, but it will help you locate an inner strength to get through life's problems.

Now here's the exciting part!

Jennifer is going to give a copy of the book to one of you! 
(See, I know how you guys like free stuff)

So, here's how you enter:

1. Leave a comment here telling me where you find your inner strength. 
(maybe it's running, maybe it's somewhere else)

2. Follow Kids Running Wild on facebook. Leave a comment saying that you did.

3. Sign up for my e-mail list. (You should do this anyway- I'll be sending out information on more giveaways this summer!) Leave a comment saying that you did.

4.  Like Jennifer Graham on facebook.  Leave a comment saying that you did.

So, you can enter up to four times.  I will pick a winner randomly and announce on Monday.  It will be early if I have my stinkin' internet back.  Later if I have to come to Tim Horton's.

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