Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Mom's Day Weekend EVER

Hello friends!  I sincerely hope that you all had a great weekend.

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I believe I can safely say that this was the best mother's day I've had since becoming a mother.  
I got to spend it with the people who call me Mom.

But first, let's back up a little.

Saturday began with a run with my BRF/sister-in-law Kristina.  We did the Another Mother Runner virtual 5K for our own Mom's Day celebration.  There was a light drizzle most of the time so we came back inside to take our picture.

We sent these pics to Sarah & Dimity, authors of Run Like a Mother & Train Like a Mother so that we will be included in their list of BAMRs. (Bad-Ass Mother Runners).

Then Ken surprised me by buying me a new treadmill for Mother's Day!
(You might recall the time that my other one died)

I can't fully describe how happy this scene made me when I went to the basement...

Sunday morning arrived and I got up early to do my Ultimate Yogi video.
Then Katie, Mandy & I headed out to run the Mother's Day 5K.

It was pretty cold & windy at the start, but we found several friends to talk to 
and took some pictures.

Mandy took this one of me with the first girl to call me Mom. 
You can tell by the angle that Mando is a shrimp.

Then Katie took one of me & my littlest girl.

We headed out on the course and Katie & I knew that we needed to motivate Mandy.  She usually walks with Grandma Glo and today was the first time that she would try to run any part of the 5K.  We knew she could do it, but Mandy wasn't so sure.

We did some running & some walking.  Our time would not be anything to write home about, but today was a real accomplishment for Mandy.  I think she pushed her own limits and we're so proud of her.

But, there was more excitement to come!  I've said it before and I'll say it again- my local runner's club ROCKS!  We got chocolate bars at the finish line from a local chocolatier! How cool is that?

At home we put on our race shirts & spent some time relaxing.  
Ruger relaxed too even though he didn't run.

I hope your weekend included enough fun to set you up for a great week!

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Rachel Bowser Rerko

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Have a great day!

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