Monday, May 27, 2013

Band Nerds, Fun & Sweaty Winners

Happy Memorial Day Monday everyone.

I hope you're enjoying an extra day.  An extra day to remember, spend time with loved ones & do whatever it is that matters to you.  I'm looking forward to a quiet Monday after a weekend full of fun.

Ken & I are marching band nerds from way back.  Ken even marched quite a bit of drum corps in his younger years.  In fact, we met when he was a high school band director and hired me to work with his band during the summertime.  

So, you can imagine how happy this sight made our little band nerd hearts...
That's our Katie carrying a mellophone at the end of her very first parade.  This kid was listening to marching band & drum corps while she was still a fetus- apparently she caught the bug a little bit.

Ken even suited up again to march beside our friend Rob who is a high school band director.
Yep, the old guys still got it.

Drum Major for the day was Chuck- my high school band director (!) 
as well as friend and mentor to both me and Ken.

Mandy and I worked hard.  We are excellent spectators.

Music, sunshine, friends... I don't know what else you need for a perfect day.

I hope yours is going just as well.

Before I go- I've got running, yoga and grilling on my schedule today- I get to announce a few winners from this giveaway!  I love doing this.

Keep in mind, I've got more goodies for you this summer.  
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The winner of the Sweaty Band was Whitney @ French Fry Runner.
She really needs it too.  She's getting sweaty training for a triathlon...wowza!

Winners of the pink laces are:
Carrie Capps Hughes
Brittany Suell
Rachel Bowser Rerko
Jenny & Jenny W.

Congratulations!  Send your mailing address to 
and I'll send you goodies right out to you!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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