Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Very Sweaty Giveaway

Hey there friends!

Today is the first of quite a few fun giveaways that I've lined up for you this summer.

You see, I want you motivated to get moving while the weather is nice so that it's a habit by the time the weather turns all crappy again.  So, I'll give you fun stuff.  Sound good?

By the way, all the giveaways will also be announced in an e-mail.  So, if you want to be sure that you don't miss anything exciting, sign up for the mailing list.  Don't be left out! :)

The first item up for grabs today is a Sweaty Band.  I got my models to show them off for you since I was informed that I look like a dork when I wear a headband with my short hair.
It's a tough crowd over here.

Katie likes the thicker band...

Mandy is all about the sparkle...

The nice people at Sweaty Bands gave me one more band just for one of you!

Katie & Mandy like these headbands because they stay put without all the sliding around that some annoying headbands do. (seriously, that's what the models said.)

These headbands are made for girls who want to get sweaty while looking cool.

But that's not all!  You may have noticed the Sweatpink Ambassador button in my sidebar.  I love being a part of this group of women put together by the ladies at Fit Approach.

Today I'm giving away 5 pairs of their signature SweatPink laces!

Don't you think these would motivate you to run faster?

Entering is simple... leave a comment here.  Bam- you're entered.

Say whatever you want.  Tell me how you're going to get sweaty this summer, tell me what your favorite running shoes look like, or you can even tell me about your breakfast
(you know I love food talk).  Doesn't matter at all- I love hearing what you have to say.

And if you're feeling generous, you could share these giveaways with your friends.
I promise, there is more good stuff on the way so there's no need to be selfish.

Winners announced on Monday May 27th.

Have a great day!

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