Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Meal Planning- Fast Metabolism Style!

So, if you read this post about "The Fast Metabolism Diet" by Haylie Pomroy, you already know that I'm starting a new journey on Monday.  I will attempt to repair my broken metabolism over the next 28 days.

Today I'm hosting some friends and we'll try out recipes from all 3 Phases of the diet.  
(full report on that tomorrow)

I was pretty excited when the nice people from Crock Pot sent me this beauty in the mail as part of the package I received for hosting the party.

I can't wait to start some Turkey Chili in it!

I spent Friday & Saturday eating all of the things that I won't be enjoying on the FMD.   
Friday morning required a carmel mocha latte.

Friday evening required pizza- made at home.  We get the fixings from a local Italian bakery.  
They are fresh & delicious.  I may have also splurged on cannolis.  
I'll be back after the 28 day metabolism boost is up.

The diet works in 3 Phases and each Phase happens once during a week.  So Monday & Tuesday are Phase 1, Wednesday & Thursday are Phase 2 and Friday, Saturday & Sunday are Phase 3.

Each Phase is different and so are the food lists.

This is taking my meal planning and kicking it up a notch!

I have decided to just take this week one Phase at a time.  

First up, Phase 1... 

Phase 1 allows fruits & carbs- a welcome change from my current plan.  
Tomorrow I'll have french toast made with an egg white & Ezekiel bread 
with strawberries for breakfast.  I'll have 2 snacks- an apple & an orange! Woo hoo!

Lunch will be leftover turkey chili from today's party & dinner will be some grilled chicken with veggies & another slice of Ezekiel bread.  

I'm excited to make these healthy changes, but there are some challenges ahead.

First, I have to part with my diet pepsi.  
I don't think I'm a caffeine addict as much as I'm a diet pop addict.  
I like the flavor.  But, I've known for awhile that this addiction wasn't doing me any favors.  
I'm letting it go.  I apologize in advice if it makes me grouchy tomorrow.  Please be patient.

I also have to figure out how to schedule my meals & snacks so that I can eat every 3-4 hours.  In my day job, I play the piano in ballet classes.  It's not like I can just stop and eat.  So, this will take some planning.  But, I'm committed.  I can do this.

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