Thursday, April 4, 2013

How I Ruined my Metabolism & I'm Going to Fix it!

So, the bad news is that I'm pretty sure my metabolism is broken and it's my own fault.

The good news is that I'm learning how to fix it.

I've hosted several home parties because of my connection with MomSelect & MommyParties.  I've been able to host my kids' friends and introduce them to fun new products.  But this time, I'm hosting a party for my friends instead!

This box of goodies arrived the other day...

...and I spent yesterday reading Haylie Pomroy's book.

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I've been using a low-carb diet for years.  It worked for me after Mandy was born and the pounds just fell off.

Before that, I used Slim-Fast and serious calorie-restriction to shed pounds after Katie was born.

In the past I haven't worried much about losing weight.  When the pounds started adding up, I'd diet and shed them.  No big deal.  It's all about will-power right?

So, in February I did the Atkins Diet very strictly for 3 weeks.  A few weeks ago Ken joined me and we switched to the South Beach Diet (very similar to Atkins) for 2 weeks.  
I did not cheat- I had willpower galore!

And I lost 1 lb.

After reading Haylie's book I think that my metabolism isn't functioning properly.  I think that the chemicals & fake food I've been eating over the years have stalled my weight where it is 
and I don't like it.

So, I'm going to try Haylie's plan.  

That wasn't part of the deal when I agreed to host the party.  I only agreed to have some friends over, eat some healthy food & write a blog post about it.  But, after reading Haylie's book, the diet makes sense to me.  It's full of REAL food.

I'm willing to try it and if my friends get interested too, I hope we can support each other in feeling good & healthy & fabulous!

This isn't the last post you'll read about "The Fast Metabolism Diet".  I'll let you know what the challenges are, and I'll be honest about whether or not it works for me.

I broke it- and now I can fix it!

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