Monday, April 15, 2013

Goodbye Diet Pepsi- It's not me, it's you.

Dear Diet Pepsi,

I'm breaking up with you.  We've had a long run together you & I.  Our love affair started in high school when you reeled me in with your promises of zero calories plus a caffeine boost.

You said you'd quench my thirst on hot days, so I ignored water when it called to me.

You said that sugar was bad for me & you showed me your aspartame.  You said it's sweetness wouldn't hurt me.

You lied.

When I tried to leave you, you lured me back in by giving me a headache.  Not cool.

Last week was the last straw.  When I gave you up for good I got the mother of all migraine headaches.

I loved you & you pretended to love me back but I'm on to you now.

It's not me- it's you.


P.S.  Please tell Diet Coke to take a hike. He was always a poor substitute anyway.

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