Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Joy of Being Neglectful

I've been pretty neglectful lately.

I've neglected my workouts.  I've neglected my meal plan.

I've neglected this blog (and all of my social networking).

But, I've been very attentive to my sick kid.

Mandy has been sick for an entire week now.  First we were told that she had croup, then reactive airway disease, finally respiratory influenza.

All I know for sure is that she's miserable.  My mommy-duties took over my entire life.

I was in deep denial to think that I could care for a sick kid for a week without getting sick myself.  So, I feel crappy.  I'm starting the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge in a funk.

But, I'm confident that we'll get healthy again and I'll get motivated again.

For now I'm snuggling on the couch under a quilt and that's just fine.

Ruger is watching over Mandy.

Thank God for Netflix.  We've been doing a lot of movie watching.

I'm going to continue being neglectful of everything that's not important.

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