Sunday, March 24, 2013

SBBC Week 3 Recap & Meal Planning Success!

Happy Sunday Friends!

Week 3 of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge was a smashing success!  I was able to get my butt moving every day this week.  This week I'm looking forward to more of the same goodness.

Sunday is typically a rest day as far as fitness goes, 
so I'll focus on getting my water in and lots of fruits & veggies.

Here's how the week shaped up...
Water- 1 pt
Freggies (fruits & veggies)- 1 pt

3 mile run- 3 pts
Water- 1 pt
Freggies- 1 pt

Denise Austin Cardio burn (found it on YouTube) 2 pts
Water- 1 pt
Freggies- 1 pt

Shoveled Snow for 30 minutes- 3 pts
(if you don't think this is a workout, feel free to come and shovel my deck)
Water- 1 pt
Freggies- 1 pt

45 min run- 4.5 pts
Water- 1 pt

Water- 1 pt
Freggies- 1 pt

I stuck with my meal plan this week with one exception.

I am a firm believer that when your husband calls you on Friday to tell you that he has made reservations for dinner and arranged babysitting you do not say, "sorry, that's not on my meal plan."

So on Friday night we went out and I indulged a bit while making some healthy choices.  Life is good.

So this week I'll stick with the same meal plan.  I liked it and it was interesting enough to stay on track. I didn't order pizza once! :)

Here it was:

I never made the steamed mussels because we went out on Friday.  Maybe today...

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