Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Princesses, the Puppy & Spring Break

I guess I've been MIA from the blog for a little bit here.  
All is well- I think the time just got away from me.

We've had quite a lot going on lately.

I got to go to the Princess Ball with Rapunzel & Snow White...

...Rapunzel even made me a crown.  You can see it just a little bit in this picture.

My little princesses are on Spring Break this week.  

The first day started with some excitement when Ruger knocked the grill off the deck and scared himself to death.  He then proceeded to run under the deck where he got tangled up and couldn't get out.  The girls finally managed to get him out of there- I don't know how and I'm fine with that.  

Once he was free he decided to eat some charcoal.  
Katie, my ever- responsible princess, googled the problem while I was at work 
and was quick to assure me that while he might throw up or get the runs, he'd live.  

Later we decided that he must not have eaten very much charcoal because he seemed fine.
That face looks so innocent, doesn't it? ha.
(please ignore the doggie spit on the seat)

I also knitted my very first sock.  Katie was glad to model it for you.

The excitement of finishing this project was closely followed by the realization 
(and excuse me for stating the obvious) 
that I have two feet and so I had to complete this project all over again.  
I'm about halfway there.

On the fitness front, I took Ruger for a short run with me this week. We only did about a mile and we took walk breaks when I could see that he was getting tired, but he did great!  He hangs right beside me and looks up at me as if to say, "Really? We get to go fast?"

We've been in obedience training and we're working on commands like "Hurry" "Easy" & "Stop".  These have been so helpful! I never thought of teaching STOP to a dog, but it makes sense.  He no longer has to get clothes-lined if I want to stop & look at something.

I hope your family is enjoying your week as much as mine is.

Are you on Spring Break?

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