Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIAW- No Fear, Eggs & Veggies

It's Wednesday!  My favorite day around here.

Before we get to the food, check out this post over at my No Fear February project.
Today I'm asking you to take a moment and make a kid in your life smile.  You can do it... go ahead.  Then let me know how it went!
On to the food!

I've been eating a lot of eggs & veggies since switching to a low carb diet.
It's a good thing I like them so much!

This is what happens when you stick your camera too close to the eggs & the lens steams up.

Tonight these guys will get stuffed with ricotta & parmesan...

...and these will get grilled. (Minute steaks from a local meat market)

I'm mostly sticking with my meal plan from Sunday.  
But I did add some unplanned veggies to the eggs. 

Also, I firmly believe that when your husband comes home from work with bags of groceries and announces that he is making chili, you don't say, "That's not on the meal plan."  
You enjoy the chili that you didn't have to make!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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