Sunday, February 17, 2013

Planning for a Week of Good Food

Good morning all!

I'm popping in for a minute here to plan ahead.  

I confess, I normally do not plan my meals ahead of time and I definitely do not get into the big Sunday food prep that many fitness experts discuss.  The fact is, I'm a little bit of a snob when it comes to cooking my food fresh.  I don't like to cook a bunch of chicken on Sunday and then microwave it later in the week.  Yuck.  And I practically gag when I see people doing this with tilapia!

I like to put my food on the grill or the pan or in the broiler, smell it cooking and then eat it.  
I keep very few leftovers.

The fact is, that I am blessed to work two jobs that allow me the fun (yes, I think it's fun) of going to the grocery store almost every day.

I'm still going to do that for dinner this week. And I'm still refusing to cook anything ahead of time.  But, I am going to show you my meal plan for the week.

I've been inspired by Jill Conyers over at Fitness, Health & Happiness.  She shares her meal plans every week and then hosts a link-up for people who are doing the same.

So here goes...
As you can see, I'm still committed to the low-carb eating.  
And don't worry, fruit gets added back into the mix when I'm closer to my goal weight.

That picture makes me wish for spring when I can start growing my own veggies. Sigh.

Do you plan your meals ahead of time?

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