Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meal Planning & I Blame the Girl Scouts

I'm blaming the problem on the Girl Scouts.

Last week, I posted my meal plan for a week of low carb food.  I was ready to stay on track!

On Wednesday this little stinker Girl Scout showed up and delivered my cookies.

Here's the saboteur with my girls. Olivia is the one in the purple jacket.  She looks cute, right?  
But she'll wreck your low carb week with her Thin Mints and Tagalongs.

I won't take responsibility for eating all the cookies, but I certainly did my fair share to clean up those 3 boxes.  They were gone by Friday.

And like most entry-level drugs, they led to bigger things.  Grandma Berlin showed up with homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were great.  So, I added a baked potato to dinner and skipped the salad.  I had toast with my breakfast.  I even ate some pepperoni bread.

Friends, I could not stop myself and I didn't even try.

But, tomorrow is Monday. It sounds like a good day to get back on track.

This meal plan should work...
I just need to steer clear of the Girl Scouts.

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