Friday, February 22, 2013

Fit Friday- Guilt Free

Happy Friday!

On Wednesday I got to my gym looking forward to a swim and saw this.

What?? Apparently there is a problem with the chemicals.  I was pretty disappointed since I had my swim workout from Janet Evans' Total Swimming ready to go.  Luckily, I had my running shoes in my bag so I changed the plan.

I decided to face yet another fitness fear and check out this bad boy.

I had been on an elliptical once many moons ago, but I generally steer clear of that part of the gym.  
I spent 30 minutes on the thing and it wasn't too bad.  
It's not a run or anything, but it'll do for cross-training.

Now, let's get to the Guilt Free portion of the post!

 I love to read facebook posts and blog posts from fit friends.  
Generally, I find them inspiring and motivating.  

But lately, I've read too many posts that say things like, 

"I hate this workout, but I'm sticking with it anyway."

"My knee hurt and it was raining, 
but I put my toddler in the jogging stroller and did 5 miles anyway."

"I have to confess that I was lazy this week.  I only made it to the gym 4 times."

"My daughter had me up late last night because she wasn't feeling well, but I got up at 4:30 AM and headed to the gym.  If I hadn't, I would have felt like a slacker."

No, I didn't make these up.  They actually appeared in my facebook feed this week.

I should tell you that I didn't workout at all yesterday.  And I'm not sorry and I'm not a slacker.

I woke up at my normal time and sent the family off to school.  Then I went out to my salon and got my hair cut.  I had intended to go snowshoeing after the appointment.

But, when I got home I talked to my mom on the phone and ended up taking the puppy over to visit her  and my cute little nieces. We had a fun visit and then Ruger & I went to Petsmart.

My family returned from school and we spent some time chatting about nothing in particular.  
We ate dinner and watched TV. 

I wouldn't have interrupted any of my day to go to the gym.  I was having a great day!

I'll run today and I'll enjoy it.  
I'll trust that I didn't lose any of my fitness because I took a day off.  

I'll be smiling when I'm done and I won't feel guilty.

There are a few things in my fitness life that I insist on:

1. If I really hate the workout, I don't do it.  I will look for another way.

2.  I work out so that I feel healthy enough to live my life.  
If I miss one workout because I'm living & loving my life, that's just fine with me.

3.  I pay attention to my body.  
If I feel pain (not post-workout soreness) I rest or exercise 
in a way that is not as stressful to my body.  Sore knees for me would mean it's a swim day.

I'm in this for the long haul.  
I'll gladly miss today's workout so that I can be ready to enjoy tomorrow's workout.

Do you guilt yourself over every missed workout?

Would you rather treat yourself with kindness?

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