Saturday, February 23, 2013

BBB Week 7 in Review- Is that a gun show?

This week I managed to run three times and I got on the elliptical once. 

I did not get my swim in because my pool was closed.  I really hope they get the chemicals corrected for next week because I missed swimming.

I must be doing okay with the Best Body Bootcamp strength workouts because I noticed something exciting this week.

Is that a bicep?  I can't be certain because I haven't seen them before.

Tina Reale said she wanted tickets to the gun show...ha!  
Well, it's not much of a show just yet but there you go.

The last week of Bootcamp is coming up and I will definitely be signing up for the next round!

I did not do all of the strength workouts this week.

Here's how the week shaped up:

BBB Workout A 
3 mile run

30 mins. on the elliptical
(it was ok, but I wanted to swim)

Wednesday: 3  mile run

Friday: 3 mile run plus some core work and stretching

Saturday: BBB Workout B

I gotta get going with today's workouts... 
the nice UPS guy is supposed to be bringing me new knitting books later!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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