Sunday, February 3, 2013

BBB Week 4 in Review & No Fear February

Hello friends!

Before I get to the week's recap, I get to announce the winner of the Valentine giveaway!

Congratulations Jenny!

You're the winner of 5 cards from!

I would also like to announce the new facebook group No Fear February!

Please feel free to request membership- it's a private group where we will encourage each other to conquer the fears that get in our way.

I am wrapping up Week 4 of Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp.  I can't believe we're halfway done already!  I'm thrilled to say that I did all three of the strength workouts this week.
 I did not do the cardio exactly as prescribed, but I did enjoy 2 runs,
1 swim and a nice long snowshoe over the weekend.

What I'm Loving

I love the simplicity of printing out the week's workouts on Sunday and knowing in advance what I'll be doing.  There's no waking upon Monday & thinking "hmm... am I going to work out today? What shall I do?"  It's all scheduled for me.

I also love the flexibility of the plan.  
Typically I do strength training on M,W, & F and I run on T, Th & S.  
I also swim on Fridays and walk whenever I can fit it in.
Tina's plan allows me to make these choices.

I appreciate that Tina includes modifications for every exercise.  If it's too easy, she tells me how to make it harder.  Too tough? She tells me how to simplify.  This way, I can customize my workout.

Goals for the next 2 Weeks:

1. I will maintain a low-carb diet.  I feel better this way.
 It's time to stop experimenting and do what I know feels right.

2. I will stretch for 10 mins. each evening.
I know that I feel better when I do this, so why do I slack?

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Do you have any goals for the next 2 weeks?

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