Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WIAW- It's Grillin' Time!

It's What I Ate Wednesday!

I'm so happy to report that we've been eating better this week.

Ken & the girls are all involved in a show at our local community theatre 
and this mama is determined to make sure that they are well-fed!
I'm back to my favorite smoothie for breakfast.

Today I went to Sam's Club & bought ridiculous amounts of berries to keep me satisfied.

We've had some snow this past week which makes Ken anxious to start grilling!

He made himself a T-Bone...

... and I got some mushrooms & onions going to go with it.

Katie, Mandy & I are partial to Filet Mignon (no, we're not cheap dates) 
so he grilled these just for us.

The leftovers will be delicious on my lunchtime salads!

I also made some Zucchini Chips in the oven...

... along with my Zippy Ham & Cheese Dip.

So I'm wondering...
Do you grill in the snow?

By the way... if you still haven't tried my favorite compression socks, 
here's a coupon code for you from my friends at ProCompression.com!

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