Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Favorite Things

Good morning friends... here are a few random Thursday things just for you.

(As I write this it's actually Wednesday night.  Ken & the girls are at a rehearsal.  Ruger is napping and frankly, I'm missing my peeps.  Although, it's nice to have the remote.  I never get the remote.)

So, do you remember when I reviewed PB Crave?  And how much I loved it?

Recipelion is hosting a giveaway this week.  The winner will get FREE PB Crave for a year!

Actually you get a variety pack every other month. (a $125.82 value)

While that's very generous and I'd be happy to win, I'd still have to supplement by buying my own.  There's no way a variety pack would last two months in this house.

CLICK HERE to enter!

I also reviewed Pro Compression socks. (love them! might be addicted!)

And the black ones can be had for 40% off just now.  And Free shipping! Just use the code SOM113.
I already have a pair in black.  I still might need another pair.  hmm...

Last week I wrote a post about running with your dog.

One comment came from Abbi who organizes the Miles & Mutts program.

Take a minute & check out all the wonderfulness on her website.  
This girl pairs runners with shelter dogs.  I love her passion for the program!

Great job Abbi!

So that's all I've got for today!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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