Saturday, January 26, 2013

Patience & Consistency- Training the Humans

Happy Saturday everyone!

We are really enjoying this relaxing morning.  This is the first Saturday in awhile where we don't have anything scheduled.  I love this kind of day.  Usually it turns out to be the best kind of fun.

We've been spending one evening a week going to school with this guy.
That face is so stinkin' cute.  
But, we also want him to learn to be a polite grown-up dog so we're working with him.

We have an adorable trainer named Nicki and Ruger goes to class with three other cute puppies.  The whole room is packed full of cuteness.

Nicki keeps reminding us that the keys to obedience training are simple.

Patience & Consistency

As we consider how to best teach Ruger all the things a good dog needs to know, 
I can't help but think about my own goals.

I have fitness goals and goals for my family as well as goals in my professional life. I get so frustrated when I feel like things aren't moving along as quickly as I think they should.

But, shouldn't I afford myself the same Patience & Consistency that I use with my puppy?

Shouldn't I be able to make errors and understand that mistakes are part of the learning process?

Katie & Mandy are becoming little dog whisperers.

Every time they are able to get Ruger to respond to a command I watch their confidence grow.

I love to watch them celebrate his accomplishments with him. 
 A successful "down" earns him big praise and a belly rub.  

When he begins tugging on the leash, 
Katie gives him a little correction and then a big "good boy!" once he is back on track.

The corrections are subtle, the celebrations are big.

Apparently there is a lesson here for the humans as well.

Stop dwelling on the errors.  Celebrate the successes. 

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