Thursday, December 27, 2012

Word of the Day- Relaxation

December is a crazy month for musicians.  In my real, non-blogging life I am a pianist.  I play for my church, at ballet classes, accompany for a choir and several other gigs that come & go.

This has been my view for most of the last month.
Music fueled by caffeine, anyone?

Ruger even helped spread the holiday cheer by visiting 
the dance department and my friend Noelle.

So I've really been enjoying the down-time this week.  The word of the week is...

We've been staying home a lot.  Ruger is even happy to rest in his new bed.

My amazing husband bought me some fantastic new Dansko shoes for Christmas.
Can you see the pattern?  It's knitted!  Knitting is yet another relaxing hobby of mine... 
I may be guilty of over-hobbying.

Another favorite way to relax in our family is cooking.  
Ken & I enjoy making dinner together and last night he got his Christmas cooking wish.  

He grilled steaks in a snowstorm.

He love this- says it's the best weather for grilling.

Mandy & Ruger got to work clearing the deck.

Shortly after this picture, the snow started really coming down.  Mandy was so annoyed when the deck was all covered again.  But friends, I must tell you that those steaks were great!

I hope you are enjoying some relaxation time this week.

I'd love to hear about your favorite way to relax.... who knows? I might find my next hobby!

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