Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIAW & Discounts For You!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday friends!

It's the first WIAW of December and I am still committed to keeping myself reigned in this season.  
I'm refusing to make another "lose 10 lbs" resolution in January.

So, I spent Sunday evening chopping veggies to have on hand for snacking.  
I also boiled some eggs & grilled some chicken breasts to throw in lunchtime salads.

Then I roasted these pretties to go with my dinner...

... they were drizzled with this delicious garlic & herb infused olive oil.

Monday night dinner was shrimp & scallops with a salad and 1/2 a sweet potato.

Since my family is not watching their carbs, their dinner looked a little different.  
They had their shrimp & scallops over pasta.

The sauce for this dish is super easy.  I buy this little container of garlic butter and melt it in a skillet while the shellfish is cooking.  Then I add 1/2 a can of beer.  Delicious!

I've heard many healthy-eating mamas proclaim that their family can eat like they eat or go hungry.  
I am not one of those mamas.  I don't eat pasta.  It's not a "low-carb eating" choice.  
I've just never liked pasta.  But, that doesn't meant that my family can't enjoy their noodles.

I pack my kids' lunches and encourage healthy habits all the time.  
But, the kids are not on a diet and they are not trying to lose 5 lbs, 
so if they want to enjoy a plate of spaghetti that's just fine with me.

Many of you were excited about my ProCompression sock giveaway last week.
I don't have more socks to give away, but I do have this little deal to share with you...

Are you loving those Marathon Holiday ones?  I'm trying to control myself here and remind myself that it's the season of giving and not the season of treating myself!

Anyway... 40% off and free shipping?  You should go for it.  And I wear an XS- just sayin'.

Tomorrow I'll have my review of 1st Step Pro-Wellness Liquid B-12 Complex.
If you'd like to try the B-12, use THIS LINK to get an Online coupon for $4 off!

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