Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WIAW the Christmas Cookie Edition

Merry Day-After Christmas friends!

Are you recovering from the holiday festivities?  I sure am.

I'm going to use Jenn's beautiful graphic even though there's really 
nothing healthy in this particular post.  Maybe next week.

On Monday I put my little elves to work making goodies!

These are already gone...

Then we dipped all kinds of things in chocolate!

The fabulous ladies in my church choir gave me this mug for Christmas.

I like it so much... I might leave it out all year.

Although I love the humor in it, the truth is that I am blessed in my life to know so many amazing women.  Women who get things done and still manage to make time to chat with a friend or send an encouraging text message. 

Wise Women are just priceless gifts.

I hope your Christmas was full of peace, joy and delicious goodies!

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