Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello Raw Apple Cider Vinegar... Goodbye Heartburn!

Good morning everyone!

When I mentioned about a week ago that I had started using Raw Apple Cider Vinegar on a regular basis, I would not have imagined the response!  

Several people wanted to hear more after I'd used it a little longer.  
Even more readers were ready to share their experiences with ACV and inform me of 
potential health benefits I had never heard of.

I became interested in Raw Apple Cider Vinegar after I read Tosca Reno's blog post about it.  
The eat-clean queen swears by ACV these days.  
She says she has noticed her abs becoming more defined since she started using it. 
(I think she's had a serious six-pack for awhile now, but if she says it's flatter I'll take her word for it)

So why did I try it?

I started digging for more information and came up with reports from people who said that their heartburn had cleared up once they started using ACV.

This was huge news for me!  I got heartburn for the first time while I was pregnant with Katie 
(she'll be 12 this month) and it never fully went away.  
Last year, the back of my throat began to hurt so bad that it was hard to talk.
 I finally consulted my doctor. She put me on a prescription drug for three months.  

Although the heartburn got MUCH better, I still have to be careful with my eating & drinking.  
I can't lie down too soon after a meal.  
And even when I take these precautions I sometimes get heartburn anyway.  

How much to use & what about the taste?

Recommendations on how much Apple Cider Vinegar is beneficial were pretty varied so I decided to start with 2 TBSP per day.  I settled on that "dosage" after reading that some people use 2 tsp per day and some people use 2 TBSP three times per day.  

So, first I mixed my 2 TBSP with ice water.  It wasn't horrible, but it was pretty strong for me.  I knew that I wasn't going to be able to keep this up if I didn't find a better tasting method of ingestion.

That's when I added a Nuun tablet to my ACV & water.  
That tasted better, but it was still pretty zippy.

The next day I added a packet of citrus-flavored Crystal Light energy.  It has caffeine and B vitamins.  Yes, I realize that it's not as healthy as straight water- give me a break.

This is the combo that I've used now for two weeks.  It's a really enjoyable flavor combination.  
The caffeine kick is negligible. (nothing like a latte from Tim Horton's)

Here are my personal results from the last two weeks:
1. Heartburn is almost non-existent.  
I had actually forgotten that a whole week could go by without feeling the burn.

2. How shall I put this... Elimination is much easier.  
Since I had my girls I had also forgotten that some people are able to go to the bathroom without it being a production.  Since adding the ACV to my diet, it's just no big deal.  Seriously, this has just not been the case for me in a long time.

3.  My belly seems flatter.  I certainly don't have Tosca Reno abs or anything, 
but I had not realized how much bloating I was experiencing.

Other Health benefits I've heard about:

One friend told me that the mosquitos will leave me alone next summer now that I'm using ACV.  I sure hope she's right- I'm usually a mosquito magnet.

Several people told me that they use Apple Cider Vinegar immediately upon the onset of a cold or stomach problem.  Others swear that regular use keeps colds at bay.

Another friend told me that she has used ACV to detox.

I've heard that it fights fatigue and clears up skin problems.

I read that you can use ACV on your scalp if you have dandruff. (I don't, but good to know)

Many sources report that ACV is helpful when trying to lose weight.  
I have not personally seen this benefit, but I'll let you know.

If you're thinking of trying ACV...

Make sure you buy Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  It will have a cloudy film on the bottom of the bottle.  
In my grocery store it was in the health/organic food area- not near the regular vinegar.

Bragg's is the go-to brand for many.  I'll probably buy that next time- this time I bought another organic brand and as I said, I have seen the benefits.  Is there a difference? I'm just not sure.

So, I want to know... have you used ACV for it's health benefits?
What have your results been?

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