Friday, December 7, 2012

Fitness Friday & a 1st Step Pro-Wellness Review

It's Friday! Woot!

Mandy says that this week has been long- she thought Friday would never come- and I agree.

But, here we are and it sure feels good.

My fitness week has revolved around Jillian Michaels.

On Monday and Wednesday I let her kick my butt with Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30.

Does anyone really think I'll be ripped by New Years?  That would be exciting.

On Tuesday I took her podcast with me on my run.  

She talked about anger and how women tend to deny that they are even angry.  
She talked about healthy ways to deal with our anger.  Of course, she suggested workouts as an outlet and I totally agree.  Daily sweat sessions have been key to my sanity this month.

Another key to staying sane lately has been fueling my body properly.  
I notice that on the days I eat well and hydrate I am better able to handle my to-do list.

So, when the nice people at 1st Step Pro Wellness offered me the opportunity to take their 
6-Day Challenge, I agreed right away.  
They sent me a 6-day supply of their Liquid Vitamin B-12 Complex to try.

According to the 1st Step Pro-Wellness website, Vitamin B-12 Liquid Vitamin Complex can be taken once per day, for natural energy without stimulants or caffeine and their unpleasant side-effects.

The first thing I noticed (with some relief) was that the taste of the shots wasn't bad at all.  I was afraid that it might have a medicine-y taste or perhaps a hard-to-swallow texture, but that was certainly not the case.  I preferred the Cherry Charge flavor to the Tropical flavor, but both were pretty good.  

(The cherry did remind me a little of taking Robitussin when I was a kid- but in a good way!)

The first day I tried the B-12, I took it in the mid-morning.  On that particular day I was suffering from a serious lack of sleep.  I noticed a little more energy, but I still wanted a latte.

The next day, I dumped the Tropical flavored B-12 shot into my Apple Cider Vinegar drink.
(y'know, because that's how I roll.  I constantly have to try some new drink combination.  
Some work out better than others.)

I can not recommend this method of ingestion.  The whole concoction was way too sweet and syrupy. Yuck.  Of course, I drank it anyway because I didn't want to be wasteful.

On Day 3 I made sure to throw a B-12 in my purse when I headed out the door on my journeys.  I drank it around 2:30 PM when I usually hit the mid-afternoon slump.

By Day 4 I realized that this stuff was really giving me some extra energy in the afternoon.  
I would definitely recommend this product to a friend and I will be buying some more.  

I wonder if the extra energy would make me run a faster 5K?  
Hmm... more research is needed here.

Would you like to try the Liquid Vitamin B-12 Complex?  
Click on THIS LINK for a $4 off coupon for any 1st Step Pro-Wellness product.  
You can find them at Walgreens.

What supplements do you swear by?

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